Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Tyson and Tilly

Both me and Tom have always been brought up with dogs. I remember every dog that has been in my life even from when i was in a pram.

We bought our very first property together back in March this year and it wasn't long after that that we realised that the lack of wagging tails and floppy ears were leaving our place feel very ...empty. 

We researched different breeds for weeks and weeks.  With both of us coming from homes with terriers we knew we didn't want anything that 1. shed hair and 2. was a little snappy.

We both found the breed 'Miniature Pinscher' and did our research into the breed, you know the normal questions.. good with kids, cleanliness, temperament etc; 

This little breed we had never heard of ticked all the boxes. 

So we agreed on the breed and began the very long and hard search to find a breeder. 

Apparently Min Pin breeders are very rare lol! We only found two in the UK!

Luckily it turns out that one of the breeders was only about 15 minutes away! RESULT! 

A week later and there we were, on our way home from the breeders... smiling from ear to ear. We have two children!!

We named them Tyson and Tilly as they are brother and sister. 

They are now going into their 5th month on this planet we call earth and their personalities are just amazing. Tilly is the cheeky one who is always getting under the sofa, in the water bowl etc; and Tyson is just as cheeky but a complete gentlemen. He loves his naps and can't keep his eyes open past 9:30pm.

They look out for each other when on walks, they play together, they sleep together, clean each other and give the best snuggles you could ever want. 

If our future children are anything like our dogs we will be very happy parents !!!!

If you are looking for a smaller breed that isn't necessarily a handbag dog...stereotypical I'm sorry. I would really recommend this breed! We get stopped on every walk and people just compliment how gorgeous they are and they are just so loveable!

I will be doing a video on them soon but for now you can check the out in my previous post here which included our dog walk blog.

Its so exciting coming home knowing that you have two little wagging tails waiting for you, to us that is priceless and we can finally call our place ....home.

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  1. These two are so gorgeous you very lucky. I would love my own dog. Charlotte x


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