Friday, 10 July 2015

In the style of ... Rosie Connelly

ABH Brow Pomade and M.A.C Swish Chocolate eyeshadow

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette

M.A.C Honey-love holy grail lippy 

Every week I come across new bloggers which i love! When i really enjoy someones social media content i do continue to 'stalk' them over every social media platform they are part of. I seem to really enjoy blogs I can relate to and I am always looking for new reads to obtain inspiration and knowledge on other peoples experiences.

Okay so some blogs I read you would not really expect me to relate to I.E;  'a mum-to-be blogger'. Although I happen not to be a mum or pregnant in that fact,  if i enjoy the read and think what a fabulous person this is and their pictures and content is great, I do kind of aspire to that person and keep them in my top 5 searches on social media.

One person that has been in my top 5 'stalker searches', shall we say, is Rosie Connelly from the blog Hearts Heels and Handbags. Rosie also has a snapchat where you can find her vlogging her day usually with her absolutely adorable little boy!! If you don't follow Rosie, I suggest you hop-to- it as her content is great and she is gorgeous.

The purpose of this post was about Rosie's everyday makeup. Now i know she gets a lot of questions about her makeup routine and i am guilty of being one of those people to ask, so i thought i would have a go at re-creating her look.

The everyday look is very simple but glam. I have the same colour eyes and i find that Rosie's eye makeup just bring out the blue in her eyes so beautifully.

I know Rosie uses Urban Decay - Riff eyeshadow and Mac concealer to highlight but as i need to shop my stash on my concealer and Riff is currently on order, i simply couldn't wait any longer to attempt this look. 

I have pictured above what products I used to re-create this look:

I will be doing a "In the style of"every week so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below...


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