Sunday, 7 June 2015


So the few months have been a little cray to the cray to say the least. 
I have finally...after what felt like a year....moved into our first home and i cannot wait to share with you all of what i have been working on. The love i have for Interior design has literally rocketed through the roof. It's all well and good spending hours on Pintrest pinning away the beautiful pictures from your boyfriends room at his parents house but when you can put it into actual play , it is so much fun !

I have also changed my job. I am now a City Girl. Yes, I now work in the bright lights of London. I will be doing a post on this in a post coming this week. 
My boyfriend has recently started his venture at owning a new business ... again more on that in my midweek post. 


and last but by not all means least... i have two beautiful kids!!
Okay i haven't given birth in the last couple of months but i have two amazing 10 week old puppies called Tyson and Tilly. 
They are beautiful little Miniature Doberman Pinschers puppies and are exactly what our home needed. I have always been brought up with dogs so coming home from work and not having a wet nose kiss to great me was really making our home feel empty and lifeless, despite my love for the decoration of our flat.

Again I have to dedicate a post to them solely they are just the purpose of life.

So that is a very very quick breakdown of where i have been and what i have been up to. However, i have a list of posts to write as long as my arm.  Also my alter ego (Spendup Sally) has been coming out to play quite a bit this month. I am just invested in my first vlogging camera, I went for the Olympus Pen thanks to Lydia so i am going to try and have a go at vlogging. This has been something i have wanted to do for so long and i enjoy watching vlogs over any other type of youtube video. 

I have been away but i have not been that far.  I am inspired so much by my favourite bloggers/youtubers that i feel this time round will be better than ever. I know exactly what i want to achieve and how i am going to do it.

Lastly, i am looking for a blog designer... so hit me up on twitter if you can recommend anyone :) Oh yeah kids we are going all in this time...

night and speak soon

M x

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  1. Welcome back and look forward to reading your posts. xx


  2. Thank you Julie! I love your blog!! xx


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