Monday, 26 January 2015

#MYFIRSTHOME- Part 2 : Top Tips for buying your first home

Now as you have probably read in part one of this little series I'm doing, I am a first time buyer about to move into my very own first place.  As excited and delirious i am about the whole reality of having my own place, this has not been the easiest experience and certainly not how i would of planned it at all. However, i am now here to at least share my experience and offer some tips and guidance. 

1. Get your accounts in order. This has to be done i would recommend at least 3 months prior to going to see your mortgage adviser. Don't apply for credit in this period and try not to spend on the old credit card. Okay, so if you do need that new Nars Palette or Zara coat, pull cash out. They don't know that your not pulling that money out to put into your piggy bank under your bed. Try not to let lenders see that you have a expensive taste in makeup. This also counts if your spending £6-£10 a day at lunch at work, get cash out at the start of the week and pay it in cash. I know someone who was refused their mortgage due to the amount they spend daily on food and drink. Also if you are found in the bar on a Friday, try to take money out on a random day like a Wednesday, lenders aren't stupid.

2. Look at numerous properties, we looked at so many i lost count. Even after we found the 'one' we looked at a couple more just to make sure.At the end of the day, properties are probably the most expensive thing you will finance in your life so you have to make sure your sure. Once you have mad up your mind, visit it two, three times,with your parents or just another experienced adult, just to get a second opinion.  

3. Ask questions! Approach the seller or the estate agent, 9/10 they don't bite. We have been really lucky as our seller is really cooperative and we keep each other updated all the time on the progress. Plus if you are a first time buyer you do need guidance. 

4. Research different solicitors! I can say this from experience ! We were recommended the law firm by the estate agent, and it is literally been a nightmare. We have had three exchange dates now, all ready to go, annual leave booked off etc; and my solicitor has failed us each time. He rings us up half an hour before the deadline stating that he has realised he hasn't got a document. I have cried every time lol.  This has left us homeless and now in expensive temporary accommodation. 
Also, I have had my first mortgage payment come out of my account and i haven't even exchanged yet! The list goes on and on and on. Bloody nightmare...did i mention we are chain free and have still not completed after nearly 6 months. So the moral of the story is research your firms before appointing them.  Again ask them questions! 

5. Organise and thrift shop. I am the biggest interior design freak, but interior design doesn't have to break the bank. I wanted a dressing table but after saving for a deposit i couldn't justify spending over £150 for a decent dressing table knowing that we have a sofa and new bed to fork out for as well. I found my John Lewis white dressing table on Gumtree for £40.00 including the stool!
Ebay is also a great place to find furniture. 
Now organisation is the key to moving! Labels and a marker pen will be critical and your new best friends as they help immensely in not getting all stressed out on the day of the move. Label your boxes on every side to prevent confusion and breakages when unloading. 
Also buy all of your cleaning products and have them easy to access and if you can prior to moving all of your possessions in, give the new pad a thorough clean with a killer playlist on in the background. It will ease your mind so much!

6. Stay calm, one thing i wish i could tell myself to do. 
It will happen in good time if you follow the above tips. Pack yourself a survival kit on the day of the move, with cold drinks, tea and coffee (remember the kettle). Pack some snacks also to keep you energised. If you have a dog, cat or any pet ask a close friend or family member to watch them for the day so you can organise your new place and let your 'scent' flow. It also makes it safer for your furry friend when boxes and breakables are not around. 

I really really hope this has assisted and given you some insight of the reality of buying your first home. Like i said i am speaking from my own personal experience, some people might have had a perfect plain sailing purchase but you just never know so be prepared people :)

Lots of love 

M x

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