Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Perfect Procrastination

Here I am, Saturday Morning in my comfies, i the only person who calls comfortable but not quite pyjamas but not quite socially acceptable attire this... 
I have woken up knowing i have next to nothing to do today. 
My boyfriend is working all weekend, I'm surrounded by boxes of my belongings and life time possessions, as we were supposed to complete on our new home yesterday but my solicitor let us down for the second time. Although i saw nothing but red yesterday i can't complain that my agenda is nothing but a free spirit today. My absolute favourite thing in life is to have a day, maybe at least once a month which i do absoloute nothing, nada, sorry shop closed. I can just chill, let my face breathe from makeup, do some serious pampering and just organise and catch up on things. 

When i know I'm having one of these days i usually stop by my local Tesco pick up a food survival kit, usually consisting of fruit, smoothies and the odd naughty thing for the following day so i really do not have to go out. 

I literally spend the day catching up on all my programmes as at present i am commuting a 100 miles to work Monday to Friday so when i get in all i want to do is cook my dinner and hit the pillow. Once all the catching up has been done i switch to my procrastinating package which includes the following; 


Obviously i am still very very new to the bloggersphere and this is only my third post, but i have a list as long as Kendall Jenner's legs. So watch this space. 
Im also in contact with a couple of blog designers for a re-design to hopefully help the appearance of my online diary. 
Thus far, i am really enjoying it! I am also partaking in a lot of conversations on twitter with other bloggers which is pretty cool as well. 

Twitter @glamlifediary

If you haven't heard/got pinterest i would strongly recommend that you invest! 
I can spend hours on this app. I have around 20 folders to which i 'pin' too. 

I love getting inspiration for interior design and pretty much have the perfect virtual moodboard! 
I also get a lot of my style ideas from here... a lot of unique pieces in my wardrobe have been inspired from Pintrest and bought from places like eBay and one off shops. 

I am a really big list maker/organiser freak..pretty much the worse you've probably ever seen. 

I carry round with me a diary and two list books as well as the forty something lists i have in my iPhone. 

So pintrest definitely helps with my problem as it helps me visualise outfits and inspiration for the days i can't quite get the right words onto paper. 

Photo credit of Pinterest 

(from top left to right.. )

How gorgeous is that maxi ? get in my life. (from my summer inspo folder)
Front room- The Swedish know how to do it thats all I am saying (Front room folder)
That coat ... ordered (winter outfit inspo folder)
SATC girls have the answer to everything (from my moving tips folder)
This is a breakdown of Kendall Jenner's outfit from the Laker's ordered (Winter outfit inspo)
and last but no means least i have two words for you...CHARLOTTE TILBURY..can we?can we?

Next up ...


Photo from Spotify

Now this app doesn't come free to everyone, i get it free with my price plan here.. (UK only)
But to be honest if i didn't get it free i would definitely pay the £10 a month. 
Its basically a one off fee every month for as much music downloads as you want. 

Now i am one of those girls that needs a soundtrack for every part of my life. Me and my boyfriend share the account so we do have an array of songs from deep house to the soundtrack to Chicago but again i could just turn off every social media platform i own and just sit at home with the BF and just reminisce over music with a nice candle burning.  

....and of course reading blogs and watching Youtube! 

Here's some of my fave...

From top left to right

Lydia Elise Millen 

Now i have been following Lydia since around 2012 and haven't missed a blog post since. 

Her blog is a really good lifestyle blog. Lydia is the one person i caught the healthy lifestyle bug from and thanks to her and her amazing advice i lost 22lb last year through a healthy diet and frequent exercise. 

 I am still really into having a healthy body and am in the process of trying to convert my boyfriend. So i owe a lot to Lydia! 

If you haven't checked her blog out check it out here...she also has a youtube channel as well so just type her name in on YT and subscribe BUT prepare yourself for possibly the most amazing looking woman you've ever seen #justsaying. 

Kayleigh - CoutureGirl

I first came across Kayleigh when she was looking beautiful on the Instagram most popular page. 

I swiftly noticed she had a blog so ...swiftly went over to view it. The perfect photography and lipstick swatches have given my bank card many bruises over the years. 

Her posts are really frequent and the content is amazing. She is a proper girly girl and i find myself really relating to her quite frequently. I often just find myself reading really old blog posts from her blog too as the content is always amazing and such an easy read. 

You can check it out here

Corrie - Dizzybrunette3

Now, Corrie i have been subscribed too since near enough her first video. I have over 200 subscribed channels in my YT subscription list and Corrie i.e. Dizzybrunette3 is probably one out of a very small handful of youtubers where i watch every one of her uploaded videos.  I have been a part of Youtube, although i don't partake in it just yet, for over 7 years i would say and from Corrie's blogpost's and video uploads you can guarantee my beady eyes are there at the start line. I again find myself reading her blogs and thinking' OMG i can't agree more' or ' okay I'm gonna have to order that after I'm done'. She is such a down to earth girl who puts everything into what she does so Corrie i salute you. 

Type in Dizzybrunette3 to see her blog and YT

Carli Bybel

As a 18 year old finally having my ID and ready to hit the clubs and bars i always spent the weekdays invisioning and planning what outfit i would be going for at the weekend and how i am going to do my makeup... not gonna lie i still do but only on the 4 times a year i actually venture out to a bar/club. 
I kept finding myself typing in on Youtube  'Rihanna' 'Red Lip' 'Kardashian' tutorials and Carli kept coming up for pretty much all of them. Her tutorials are amazing and can we just look at her... she is a  trophy! I am always a frequent visitor to her channel to help me out with my highlight and contour. She is the queen. 

Now i hope you have enjoyed this little read on how i procrastinate on a 'chill day' 

Have a lovely weekend and i shall see you next week hopefully from my new home.. if my solicitor doesn't keep nobbing around. 

M x

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