Sunday, 25 January 2015

Steal her wardrobe : Kendall Jenner

Okay so i am not shy about showing my love for Kendall Jenner's style. I want everything from her wardrobe. As i too am a member of the 5ft10 and up club *high five Kenny* i feel like if Kendall can wear it then so can i.
 Out of all of the Kardashian/Jenner clan you will rarely see a picture of Kendall in the week's worst dressed. She is very sophisticated in her style and thats exactly why i love it. You could see a photo of her dressed up to the nines, going shopping in $1000 Giuseppe Zanotti killer heels but then the following day you'll see her hitting up Melrose in skinny jeans and espadrilles. 

I love how the top is so wide! 

Now i have a small problem with black ankle boots or boots in general. Once i am all unpacked in our new place i was thinking of doing a post on my shoe collection, you will soon see what i mean. 

So i have been eyeing up these boots for ages, but at over £700 for the Celine ones Kendall is working, i just couldn't justify ever spending that on a everyday boot. I came across these adbots in Zara before Christmas, but they sold out quicker than you can say 'checkout'. Finally upon checking online the other day i noticed my size was back in and even better yet they were in the sale. 

The leather is incredibly soft and they are really easy to walk in as the heel is so chunky. 

Here's what i plan to wear my boots with. I love mood these boots literally go with everything. Okay where is the NBA ringside tickets games at??? 

Kendall Jenner

Watch this space for a whole OOTD - Kendall inspired. 

Lots of love 

M x

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