Monday, 3 August 2015

The Non-Trainer girl ...Trainer

I used to wear nothing but trainers when i was younger.
You name it i had them..i was such a tom boy. 

As i grew older and as i learnt that a pair of Nike Dunks didn't really look cute with that dress i liked, i started to walk past JD sports without a second thought of going in there. 

However, on those days where you are such in a rush where you are afraid that if you opted for a flip flop it wouldn't be able to keep up with you and end up being left in aisle 6 in Tescos. 

With that in thought i remembered how i used to rush round when i was younger and not even worry about my shoes flying off or being uncomfortable.

 I needed a pair of trainers. 

Now, i have gym trainers but i really do not suit that whole skinny jeans and trainer look. I just look like a dolled up P.E teacher. 

I have had my eyes on these Jimmy Choo Miami trainers for some time now and upon my last visit to Bicester Village i saw them in the Choo shop just staring at me and the rest is history. They are on my feet at least once every weekend when I'm rushing round and they are perfect. 

I think i paid £260 for these which is a lot less then the retail price. 

I did however put the wrong fuel in my brand new car on the way home and had to be towed from Oxford back to Kent . Whoops. So it probably wasn't worth the saving but thats not the point, is it ? 

What trainers would you go for? 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Stay Glam for your Man Part 1 : Pillow Kisses

Okay so I have been with my boyfriend for just over 7 years . He lived 100 miles away from me so we only got to see each other at the weekends.
I used to plan my outfits, hairstyles, makeup and what colour to get my nails done every week in order for me to look and feel my very best for him at the weekend know to keep the "spark" alive.

I come from a very female dominated family with three sisters and lots of female cousins, we all love to keep our appearance just so. Which is probably where my attitude to self-presentation comes from.

Keeping that "spark" has always been in the back of my mind and still is now . I believe that always making an effort goes a long way not just for your partner but for everything .

I don't quite get up an hour earlier than Tom to put my makeup on and get back into bed with "I woke up like this" face any more but I still plan what I want to look like when he looks at me .

After 7.5 years I would like to say we have only just entered the comfort zone after buying our first place together four months ago and I am fighting that 'comfortable look' until death .

I want to feel glam all the time.

I don't agree with the statement 'just because we live together now we can't make effort all the time' . I still get my nails done, make sure my fake tan is always topped up, i always make sure I'm not just wearing old tracksuit bottoms I wore to paint my bedroom purple when I was 15 or wear the faded Primark polar bear pyjamas I got for Xmas circa 2007.

I have put together a all list of ways do's and dont's to help you feel "glam around your man",  or girlfriend for that matter, at all times . Not only does it make you feel better about yourself as a pamper evening makes everyone feel refreshed,  it makes you feel a lot more self confident.

Even if you are single still make the effort for YOU and remember to not settle for anything less than the best version of you .

1. Try to keep those nails un-chipped. Nothing says 'I've given up' then chipped red nail varnish you painted 3 weeks ago for Cousin Lucy's wedding.... also try and get them toes matching.

2. Speaking of matching, you will be amazed about how much you feel like you have your life in order when your underwear is matching. Especially in those more 'intimate' times....

3.Try different hairstyles and makeup, the streets are your runway.

4. Perfume. This is paramount for me. I even wear a slight bit of scent behind my ears and the back of my neck for bedtime. Crazy i know but at least i always smell good.

5. Nightwear. I am a big fan of lacy nighties, baby-dolls and Teddies. It leaves little to the imagination and man can resist a bit of Victoria Secret Lace.

6.  Dress Classy = Stay Classy....SNM

7.If you are in the early stages of your relationship. Start as you mean to go on. To me effort is so attractive and it has to work both ways.

8. Back to underwear...keep if full flowing and adventurous as you possibly feel comfortable with. Your man will ALWAYS notice when your rocking a little red two piece.

9. We all like our comfy jim jams but those spongebob square pant pjs from 2005 are not very sassy anymore...lets slowly let go of them all.

10. I have always prepared for how i look in bed. Sounds stupid. But pillow kisses are much more enjoyable when you feel like you have made the effort. 

So even if you are single... feel glam for you. impress yourself. Walk into that meeting on Monday without your chipped nails or frayed pineapple bun , you will be surprised of the difference of your attitude .

Quick Disclaimer
Okay, everyones version of 'glam' is different, i'm not the type to sit in my fave silk pjs rocking a red lip at all times, but to others if that is what makes them feel sexy and glam... you go for it.. you rock that Ruby Woo lip in your jim jams or just feel glam by making effort in your own way.

This is part one of my three part 'episode'...keep you eyes peeled for the next post which will be all about how i stay glam on 'rainy days at home'.

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to organise your mind

Okay, so i am far from a bookworm.

One of my goals for this year was to try and read more. Try to take time away from social media and just indulge in a book.

This is definitely easier than it sounds. I get bored quickly, i get jealous of main characters and their perfect lifestyle, or my eyes are just so tired that the thought of trying to read honestly makes my eyes sting.

On my commute to work my train was sitting at London Bridge delayed as per usual, and I saw an advert for this book.

I was hooked instantly. To be honest i am really bad , i usually only am attracted to books with a story line, usually a romantic storyline that involves the broken hearted girl running away to NYC to find her true love. However, way beyond all my unrealistic tunnel vision thoughts i am extremely interested in how the brain works.

I suffer really badly with over analysation. I analyse everything. I over plan and over organise. I wanted answers and i wanted to know why. I over organise. I have lists in my phone which would probably scare any one to read. I really do panic about everything. I worry that i will forget that perfect name for my future child so i have to write it down just in case. I write things that i will need for my house i haven't even  bought yet. I do worry about it sometimes but i thought rather than worry, why not try to understand why?

This book was my very own therapist.

It isn't as scary as you think it is. It isn't packed of neuroscience terminology. It gives you extremely good examples and i pretty much was outstanded by how the brain works.

I think if their are any over-worriers, anxiety sufferers out there ...i really strongly suggest this book.

I won't ruin it to much for you as you truly have to read it an adapt it to you life. 

If your off on your jolly travels and happen to pass a high street book store, definitely have a quick flick through.

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