Monday, 3 August 2015

The Non-Trainer girl ...Trainer

I used to wear nothing but trainers when i was younger.
You name it i had them..i was such a tom boy. 

As i grew older and as i learnt that a pair of Nike Dunks didn't really look cute with that dress i liked, i started to walk past JD sports without a second thought of going in there. 

However, on those days where you are such in a rush where you are afraid that if you opted for a flip flop it wouldn't be able to keep up with you and end up being left in aisle 6 in Tescos. 

With that in thought i remembered how i used to rush round when i was younger and not even worry about my shoes flying off or being uncomfortable.

 I needed a pair of trainers. 

Now, i have gym trainers but i really do not suit that whole skinny jeans and trainer look. I just look like a dolled up P.E teacher. 

I have had my eyes on these Jimmy Choo Miami trainers for some time now and upon my last visit to Bicester Village i saw them in the Choo shop just staring at me and the rest is history. They are on my feet at least once every weekend when I'm rushing round and they are perfect. 

I think i paid £260 for these which is a lot less then the retail price. 

I did however put the wrong fuel in my brand new car on the way home and had to be towed from Oxford back to Kent . Whoops. So it probably wasn't worth the saving but thats not the point, is it ? 

What trainers would you go for? 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Stay Glam for your Man Part 1 : Pillow Kisses

Okay so I have been with my boyfriend for just over 7 years . He lived 100 miles away from me so we only got to see each other at the weekends.
I used to plan my outfits, hairstyles, makeup and what colour to get my nails done every week in order for me to look and feel my very best for him at the weekend know to keep the "spark" alive.

I come from a very female dominated family with three sisters and lots of female cousins, we all love to keep our appearance just so. Which is probably where my attitude to self-presentation comes from.

Keeping that "spark" has always been in the back of my mind and still is now . I believe that always making an effort goes a long way not just for your partner but for everything .

I don't quite get up an hour earlier than Tom to put my makeup on and get back into bed with "I woke up like this" face any more but I still plan what I want to look like when he looks at me .

After 7.5 years I would like to say we have only just entered the comfort zone after buying our first place together four months ago and I am fighting that 'comfortable look' until death .

I want to feel glam all the time.

I don't agree with the statement 'just because we live together now we can't make effort all the time' . I still get my nails done, make sure my fake tan is always topped up, i always make sure I'm not just wearing old tracksuit bottoms I wore to paint my bedroom purple when I was 15 or wear the faded Primark polar bear pyjamas I got for Xmas circa 2007.

I have put together a all list of ways do's and dont's to help you feel "glam around your man",  or girlfriend for that matter, at all times . Not only does it make you feel better about yourself as a pamper evening makes everyone feel refreshed,  it makes you feel a lot more self confident.

Even if you are single still make the effort for YOU and remember to not settle for anything less than the best version of you .

1. Try to keep those nails un-chipped. Nothing says 'I've given up' then chipped red nail varnish you painted 3 weeks ago for Cousin Lucy's wedding.... also try and get them toes matching.

2. Speaking of matching, you will be amazed about how much you feel like you have your life in order when your underwear is matching. Especially in those more 'intimate' times....

3.Try different hairstyles and makeup, the streets are your runway.

4. Perfume. This is paramount for me. I even wear a slight bit of scent behind my ears and the back of my neck for bedtime. Crazy i know but at least i always smell good.

5. Nightwear. I am a big fan of lacy nighties, baby-dolls and Teddies. It leaves little to the imagination and man can resist a bit of Victoria Secret Lace.

6.  Dress Classy = Stay Classy....SNM

7.If you are in the early stages of your relationship. Start as you mean to go on. To me effort is so attractive and it has to work both ways.

8. Back to underwear...keep if full flowing and adventurous as you possibly feel comfortable with. Your man will ALWAYS notice when your rocking a little red two piece.

9. We all like our comfy jim jams but those spongebob square pant pjs from 2005 are not very sassy anymore...lets slowly let go of them all.

10. I have always prepared for how i look in bed. Sounds stupid. But pillow kisses are much more enjoyable when you feel like you have made the effort. 

So even if you are single... feel glam for you. impress yourself. Walk into that meeting on Monday without your chipped nails or frayed pineapple bun , you will be surprised of the difference of your attitude .

Quick Disclaimer
Okay, everyones version of 'glam' is different, i'm not the type to sit in my fave silk pjs rocking a red lip at all times, but to others if that is what makes them feel sexy and glam... you go for it.. you rock that Ruby Woo lip in your jim jams or just feel glam by making effort in your own way.

This is part one of my three part 'episode'...keep you eyes peeled for the next post which will be all about how i stay glam on 'rainy days at home'.

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to organise your mind

Okay, so i am far from a bookworm.

One of my goals for this year was to try and read more. Try to take time away from social media and just indulge in a book.

This is definitely easier than it sounds. I get bored quickly, i get jealous of main characters and their perfect lifestyle, or my eyes are just so tired that the thought of trying to read honestly makes my eyes sting.

On my commute to work my train was sitting at London Bridge delayed as per usual, and I saw an advert for this book.

I was hooked instantly. To be honest i am really bad , i usually only am attracted to books with a story line, usually a romantic storyline that involves the broken hearted girl running away to NYC to find her true love. However, way beyond all my unrealistic tunnel vision thoughts i am extremely interested in how the brain works.

I suffer really badly with over analysation. I analyse everything. I over plan and over organise. I wanted answers and i wanted to know why. I over organise. I have lists in my phone which would probably scare any one to read. I really do panic about everything. I worry that i will forget that perfect name for my future child so i have to write it down just in case. I write things that i will need for my house i haven't even  bought yet. I do worry about it sometimes but i thought rather than worry, why not try to understand why?

This book was my very own therapist.

It isn't as scary as you think it is. It isn't packed of neuroscience terminology. It gives you extremely good examples and i pretty much was outstanded by how the brain works.

I think if their are any over-worriers, anxiety sufferers out there ...i really strongly suggest this book.

I won't ruin it to much for you as you truly have to read it an adapt it to you life. 

If your off on your jolly travels and happen to pass a high street book store, definitely have a quick flick through.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Twinkle Toes


I have always been a shoe girl. Even at nearly 6ft tall i probably have equally the same amount of heels as i do flats.

Now i have never been a big fan of a toe exposure.   I do have a couple of pair of sandals that i get out in the Summer now and then mainly when the thought of wearing my ankle boots just make me want to melt a bit.

Last year i invested in a pair of the Chanel espadrilles and don't get me wrong i absolutely love them. Obsessed some might add! But like all high end shoes i just can't justify spending that amount of money on a pair of 'chuck ons' to go to Tesco or to do the late night taxi service for family members. I like to keep them for my causal- best like a dry day out etc ;

So i was looking for another pair of casual shoes to have as an option against my Chanels. I was looking all over the internet for something slightly different as i didn't want flatforms or chunky lego sandals and thats when i found these babies from Kurt Geiger. How gorgeous are they!!

I am in love with the strap on them as they remind me of the Valentino espadrilles and the gems on the front are just so GLAM and lets not forget the colour of them ...NUDE!

Has anyone else found some cute summer casual shoes that say no to the toes?

Buy them here

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Tyson and Tilly

Both me and Tom have always been brought up with dogs. I remember every dog that has been in my life even from when i was in a pram.

We bought our very first property together back in March this year and it wasn't long after that that we realised that the lack of wagging tails and floppy ears were leaving our place feel very ...empty. 

We researched different breeds for weeks and weeks.  With both of us coming from homes with terriers we knew we didn't want anything that 1. shed hair and 2. was a little snappy.

We both found the breed 'Miniature Pinscher' and did our research into the breed, you know the normal questions.. good with kids, cleanliness, temperament etc; 

This little breed we had never heard of ticked all the boxes. 

So we agreed on the breed and began the very long and hard search to find a breeder. 

Apparently Min Pin breeders are very rare lol! We only found two in the UK!

Luckily it turns out that one of the breeders was only about 15 minutes away! RESULT! 

A week later and there we were, on our way home from the breeders... smiling from ear to ear. We have two children!!

We named them Tyson and Tilly as they are brother and sister. 

They are now going into their 5th month on this planet we call earth and their personalities are just amazing. Tilly is the cheeky one who is always getting under the sofa, in the water bowl etc; and Tyson is just as cheeky but a complete gentlemen. He loves his naps and can't keep his eyes open past 9:30pm.

They look out for each other when on walks, they play together, they sleep together, clean each other and give the best snuggles you could ever want. 

If our future children are anything like our dogs we will be very happy parents !!!!

If you are looking for a smaller breed that isn't necessarily a handbag dog...stereotypical I'm sorry. I would really recommend this breed! We get stopped on every walk and people just compliment how gorgeous they are and they are just so loveable!

I will be doing a video on them soon but for now you can check the out in my previous post here which included our dog walk blog.

Its so exciting coming home knowing that you have two little wagging tails waiting for you, to us that is priceless and we can finally call our place ....home.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My First Youtube Video

I was so excited to film this !

It is a short 'Look-book' themed video of me and my younger sister walking the puppies.

All advice/criticism welcome.

Also let me know who your fave lifestyle Youtubers are I'm desperate to keep my subscription feed packed with new content.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

My July Wishlist - My Valentino gypsy

My July Wishlist - My Valentino gypsy

My wish list is always a M25 length long.

This month my wish list seems to show a trend. I am loving the high-end-glam bohemian look this month. Theres something about showing a little bit of skin that isn't the traditional areas that gives of that summer "promiscuous girl" vibe.

To be honest, my wish list will always have a bag thrown in there. I am a bag girl hands down. I love my makeup and my shoes but I definitely am a bag girl. With all the controversy about female body image i feel like everyone looks the same with bags. Bags can't make any look bigger or smaller , taller or smaller and for someone who suffers majorly from body image problems, i just feel so equal to everyone in this department of fashion and style. words the pictures are enough!

As for the mirrored console, i love this one as it is very Paris Chic, I love the gold and silver mix. I'm on the hunt for a affordable version.

The links for everything are below.

Whats everyone else's summer wants? 

Band of Gypsies bohemian style dress
£54 -

Valentino heeled sandals
£680 -

Valentino platform shoes
£580 -

Gladiator shoes

Chloé pink purse
£1,200 -

MAKE UP FOR EVER foundation
£27 -

OKA table

Friday, 10 July 2015

In the style of ... Rosie Connelly

ABH Brow Pomade and M.A.C Swish Chocolate eyeshadow

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette

M.A.C Honey-love holy grail lippy 

Every week I come across new bloggers which i love! When i really enjoy someones social media content i do continue to 'stalk' them over every social media platform they are part of. I seem to really enjoy blogs I can relate to and I am always looking for new reads to obtain inspiration and knowledge on other peoples experiences.

Okay so some blogs I read you would not really expect me to relate to I.E;  'a mum-to-be blogger'. Although I happen not to be a mum or pregnant in that fact,  if i enjoy the read and think what a fabulous person this is and their pictures and content is great, I do kind of aspire to that person and keep them in my top 5 searches on social media.

One person that has been in my top 5 'stalker searches', shall we say, is Rosie Connelly from the blog Hearts Heels and Handbags. Rosie also has a snapchat where you can find her vlogging her day usually with her absolutely adorable little boy!! If you don't follow Rosie, I suggest you hop-to- it as her content is great and she is gorgeous.

The purpose of this post was about Rosie's everyday makeup. Now i know she gets a lot of questions about her makeup routine and i am guilty of being one of those people to ask, so i thought i would have a go at re-creating her look.

The everyday look is very simple but glam. I have the same colour eyes and i find that Rosie's eye makeup just bring out the blue in her eyes so beautifully.

I know Rosie uses Urban Decay - Riff eyeshadow and Mac concealer to highlight but as i need to shop my stash on my concealer and Riff is currently on order, i simply couldn't wait any longer to attempt this look. 

I have pictured above what products I used to re-create this look:

I will be doing a "In the style of"every week so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below...


Sunday, 7 June 2015


So the few months have been a little cray to the cray to say the least. 
I have finally...after what felt like a year....moved into our first home and i cannot wait to share with you all of what i have been working on. The love i have for Interior design has literally rocketed through the roof. It's all well and good spending hours on Pintrest pinning away the beautiful pictures from your boyfriends room at his parents house but when you can put it into actual play , it is so much fun !

I have also changed my job. I am now a City Girl. Yes, I now work in the bright lights of London. I will be doing a post on this in a post coming this week. 
My boyfriend has recently started his venture at owning a new business ... again more on that in my midweek post. 


and last but by not all means least... i have two beautiful kids!!
Okay i haven't given birth in the last couple of months but i have two amazing 10 week old puppies called Tyson and Tilly. 
They are beautiful little Miniature Doberman Pinschers puppies and are exactly what our home needed. I have always been brought up with dogs so coming home from work and not having a wet nose kiss to great me was really making our home feel empty and lifeless, despite my love for the decoration of our flat.

Again I have to dedicate a post to them solely they are just the purpose of life.

So that is a very very quick breakdown of where i have been and what i have been up to. However, i have a list of posts to write as long as my arm.  Also my alter ego (Spendup Sally) has been coming out to play quite a bit this month. I am just invested in my first vlogging camera, I went for the Olympus Pen thanks to Lydia so i am going to try and have a go at vlogging. This has been something i have wanted to do for so long and i enjoy watching vlogs over any other type of youtube video. 

I have been away but i have not been that far.  I am inspired so much by my favourite bloggers/youtubers that i feel this time round will be better than ever. I know exactly what i want to achieve and how i am going to do it.

Lastly, i am looking for a blog designer... so hit me up on twitter if you can recommend anyone :) Oh yeah kids we are going all in this time...

night and speak soon

M x

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I follow back :) 

Monday, 26 January 2015

#MYFIRSTHOME- Part 2 : Top Tips for buying your first home

Now as you have probably read in part one of this little series I'm doing, I am a first time buyer about to move into my very own first place.  As excited and delirious i am about the whole reality of having my own place, this has not been the easiest experience and certainly not how i would of planned it at all. However, i am now here to at least share my experience and offer some tips and guidance. 

1. Get your accounts in order. This has to be done i would recommend at least 3 months prior to going to see your mortgage adviser. Don't apply for credit in this period and try not to spend on the old credit card. Okay, so if you do need that new Nars Palette or Zara coat, pull cash out. They don't know that your not pulling that money out to put into your piggy bank under your bed. Try not to let lenders see that you have a expensive taste in makeup. This also counts if your spending £6-£10 a day at lunch at work, get cash out at the start of the week and pay it in cash. I know someone who was refused their mortgage due to the amount they spend daily on food and drink. Also if you are found in the bar on a Friday, try to take money out on a random day like a Wednesday, lenders aren't stupid.

2. Look at numerous properties, we looked at so many i lost count. Even after we found the 'one' we looked at a couple more just to make sure.At the end of the day, properties are probably the most expensive thing you will finance in your life so you have to make sure your sure. Once you have mad up your mind, visit it two, three times,with your parents or just another experienced adult, just to get a second opinion.  

3. Ask questions! Approach the seller or the estate agent, 9/10 they don't bite. We have been really lucky as our seller is really cooperative and we keep each other updated all the time on the progress. Plus if you are a first time buyer you do need guidance. 

4. Research different solicitors! I can say this from experience ! We were recommended the law firm by the estate agent, and it is literally been a nightmare. We have had three exchange dates now, all ready to go, annual leave booked off etc; and my solicitor has failed us each time. He rings us up half an hour before the deadline stating that he has realised he hasn't got a document. I have cried every time lol.  This has left us homeless and now in expensive temporary accommodation. 
Also, I have had my first mortgage payment come out of my account and i haven't even exchanged yet! The list goes on and on and on. Bloody nightmare...did i mention we are chain free and have still not completed after nearly 6 months. So the moral of the story is research your firms before appointing them.  Again ask them questions! 

5. Organise and thrift shop. I am the biggest interior design freak, but interior design doesn't have to break the bank. I wanted a dressing table but after saving for a deposit i couldn't justify spending over £150 for a decent dressing table knowing that we have a sofa and new bed to fork out for as well. I found my John Lewis white dressing table on Gumtree for £40.00 including the stool!
Ebay is also a great place to find furniture. 
Now organisation is the key to moving! Labels and a marker pen will be critical and your new best friends as they help immensely in not getting all stressed out on the day of the move. Label your boxes on every side to prevent confusion and breakages when unloading. 
Also buy all of your cleaning products and have them easy to access and if you can prior to moving all of your possessions in, give the new pad a thorough clean with a killer playlist on in the background. It will ease your mind so much!

6. Stay calm, one thing i wish i could tell myself to do. 
It will happen in good time if you follow the above tips. Pack yourself a survival kit on the day of the move, with cold drinks, tea and coffee (remember the kettle). Pack some snacks also to keep you energised. If you have a dog, cat or any pet ask a close friend or family member to watch them for the day so you can organise your new place and let your 'scent' flow. It also makes it safer for your furry friend when boxes and breakables are not around. 

I really really hope this has assisted and given you some insight of the reality of buying your first home. Like i said i am speaking from my own personal experience, some people might have had a perfect plain sailing purchase but you just never know so be prepared people :)

Lots of love 

M x

February Wish List

February Wish List

These are all now sitting in my wishlist waiting for my plastic to be swiped.  

I plan to up my yoga game this month to try and help me sleep and calm my anxiety and over thinking brain... Obviously had to go for the pink one. 

Beauty and makeup wise... two words...Charlotte Tilbury. 
Also i really want to invest in Mac Twig and Soar. If you have any of these and have a blog post please link it below as i would love to see a swatch. 

I would also love to buy my Jo Malone Pomegranate a little sibling and Wood Sage and Sea Salt tickles my pickle. 

Whats on your wishlist for Feb? 


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Steal her wardrobe : Kendall Jenner

Okay so i am not shy about showing my love for Kendall Jenner's style. I want everything from her wardrobe. As i too am a member of the 5ft10 and up club *high five Kenny* i feel like if Kendall can wear it then so can i.
 Out of all of the Kardashian/Jenner clan you will rarely see a picture of Kendall in the week's worst dressed. She is very sophisticated in her style and thats exactly why i love it. You could see a photo of her dressed up to the nines, going shopping in $1000 Giuseppe Zanotti killer heels but then the following day you'll see her hitting up Melrose in skinny jeans and espadrilles. 

I love how the top is so wide! 

Now i have a small problem with black ankle boots or boots in general. Once i am all unpacked in our new place i was thinking of doing a post on my shoe collection, you will soon see what i mean. 

So i have been eyeing up these boots for ages, but at over £700 for the Celine ones Kendall is working, i just couldn't justify ever spending that on a everyday boot. I came across these adbots in Zara before Christmas, but they sold out quicker than you can say 'checkout'. Finally upon checking online the other day i noticed my size was back in and even better yet they were in the sale. 

The leather is incredibly soft and they are really easy to walk in as the heel is so chunky. 

Here's what i plan to wear my boots with. I love mood these boots literally go with everything. Okay where is the NBA ringside tickets games at??? 

Kendall Jenner

Watch this space for a whole OOTD - Kendall inspired. 

Lots of love 

M x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

#MYFIRSTHOME - Part 1 : Highstreet Homeware Haul

Delonghi Kettle and Toaster available here (Also available in White)
Okay how cool is the colour ! Available from Littlewoods

We are currently days away from getting the keys for our first place. I have literally waited for my own place for as long as I can remember. I have been obsessed with Interior design since I first started watching MTV cribs back in the day.  I love the fact that you can make something so personal and relaxing and the fact that I'm that close to getting my hands on our new place literally gives me excitement i can't quite cope with. 

Very Tumblr  (Get it?) - Ebay

These are a few of my 'decor' bits. I will be doing a separate post for high-end homeware...
Skull - Dunelm Mill
Platter - Tiger
Coasters- TK Max
Secret : I have a small obsession with skulls. 
Just because.. who doesn't need a waffle maker..healthy protein waffles come at me
The faux fur throw reminded me of Kris Jenner's bed so obviously i had to hook myself up with that. 
The other 'Givenchy-esque' throw is from TK Max :)
Hanging heart - Primark
Okay, I'm obsessed with Dogs. Im like a crazy dog lady. So obviously this ridiculous loo brush had to come home with me. #Brucebogtrotter

Grey Chevron pillows - Tesco
Bulldog pillows- Tesco (I don't care how cringe this pillow is haha its going on my dressing table chair)

There we have it...  hope you enjoyed it. This is a small collection of my high street homeware that i have collected over the last couple of months. 

My next posts will be tips on how to the process of buying your first home easier, organisation, then hopefully the new place itself and my conclusion of the whole experience.

Watch this space....

Love M x

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