Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to organise your mind

Okay, so i am far from a bookworm.

One of my goals for this year was to try and read more. Try to take time away from social media and just indulge in a book.

This is definitely easier than it sounds. I get bored quickly, i get jealous of main characters and their perfect lifestyle, or my eyes are just so tired that the thought of trying to read honestly makes my eyes sting.

On my commute to work my train was sitting at London Bridge delayed as per usual, and I saw an advert for this book.

I was hooked instantly. To be honest i am really bad , i usually only am attracted to books with a story line, usually a romantic storyline that involves the broken hearted girl running away to NYC to find her true love. However, way beyond all my unrealistic tunnel vision thoughts i am extremely interested in how the brain works.

I suffer really badly with over analysation. I analyse everything. I over plan and over organise. I wanted answers and i wanted to know why. I over organise. I have lists in my phone which would probably scare any one to read. I really do panic about everything. I worry that i will forget that perfect name for my future child so i have to write it down just in case. I write things that i will need for my house i haven't even  bought yet. I do worry about it sometimes but i thought rather than worry, why not try to understand why?

This book was my very own therapist.

It isn't as scary as you think it is. It isn't packed of neuroscience terminology. It gives you extremely good examples and i pretty much was outstanded by how the brain works.

I think if their are any over-worriers, anxiety sufferers out there ...i really strongly suggest this book.

I won't ruin it to much for you as you truly have to read it an adapt it to you life. 

If your off on your jolly travels and happen to pass a high street book store, definitely have a quick flick through.

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