Monday, 3 August 2015

The Non-Trainer girl ...Trainer

I used to wear nothing but trainers when i was younger.
You name it i had them..i was such a tom boy. 

As i grew older and as i learnt that a pair of Nike Dunks didn't really look cute with that dress i liked, i started to walk past JD sports without a second thought of going in there. 

However, on those days where you are such in a rush where you are afraid that if you opted for a flip flop it wouldn't be able to keep up with you and end up being left in aisle 6 in Tescos. 

With that in thought i remembered how i used to rush round when i was younger and not even worry about my shoes flying off or being uncomfortable.

 I needed a pair of trainers. 

Now, i have gym trainers but i really do not suit that whole skinny jeans and trainer look. I just look like a dolled up P.E teacher. 

I have had my eyes on these Jimmy Choo Miami trainers for some time now and upon my last visit to Bicester Village i saw them in the Choo shop just staring at me and the rest is history. They are on my feet at least once every weekend when I'm rushing round and they are perfect. 

I think i paid £260 for these which is a lot less then the retail price. 

I did however put the wrong fuel in my brand new car on the way home and had to be towed from Oxford back to Kent . Whoops. So it probably wasn't worth the saving but thats not the point, is it ? 

What trainers would you go for? 

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